The Week St Mary Circle of Churches

The eight church communities came together as a cooperative group with one incumbent very much as a pilot scheme for the Diocese in 2002. Their success as a collegiate group was confirmed by  a pastoral measure designating them as The Week St Mary Circle of Parishes in 2006. Each parish retains its own PCC and complement of churchwardens. Each PCC is responsible for the choice of type of worship and mission, as well as the maintenance and repair of their own churches. Across the Benefice there are Worship Team Leaders, commissioned by the Bishop of Truro, preparing as well as leading Services of the Word.

Whilst it is a massive rural area and scattered population, the great strength of the Benefice is a genuine co-operation between the parishes which honours the different identities and traditions of each and which includes participation in services in each other’s churches and supporting each other’s social and fundraising events.