Adventure church

Week St Mary Adventure Church

Week St Mary Adventure Church is a response to  the needs of families who want their children to develop their Christian lives in  lively, interactive relationships with the church and other children and adults. It gives children the opportunity to learn about the Christian way of life whilst working and playing together, as far as possible outdoors. Adventure is central to each meeting and children can be sure to experience something new and exciting every time  we get together.

Adventure Church also offers adults and teenagers the chance to bring and share their own particular interests and skills and every effort will be made to use those gifts as resources.

Each meeting will include a story, song or poem with a Christian message, a simple meal that the children will be able to prepare for themselves , an Adventure and a concluding prayer or reflection.

For further details phone  Sue 341579 or Lesley 341221. Meetings will normally be in the church grounds but the Adventure may take us nearly anywhere so phone if you are coming for the first time

We have a Facebook Group called Week St Mary Adventure Church. Please search for us on Facebook and ask to join the group to receive weekly information about our activities